About our company

Scalene builders in Stockton Heath,Warrington,Cheshire,are a home improvements services company,undertaking remedial building works,

which can be defined as an action that is intended to correct something is wrong.This can also mean to improve defects in the aspects of buildings where repair work will result in a better or newer building.

As Warrington builders,we undertake alterations to blocking up doorways and windows and opening up windows and doorways,which is often done for a number of different home improvement projects.For example a room can be made much larger by moving a door from the middle of a wall to the end,freeing up both sides of the wall around the door,

creating much more space.Rooms can be reconfigured further by removing a load bearing wall and replacing it with an rsj steel beam which is significantly different from removing interior non-load bearing walls.We also install lintels,as well as undertaking lintel replacements and masonry crack stitching

As heritage bricklayers in Warrington,Cheshire,we specialise in lime mortar pointing and bricklaying for conservation and restoration works to historic buildings,listed buildings,churches,period houses,stables and courtyards. 

As heritage bricklayers in Warrington,Cheshirewe cover Stockton Heath,Walton,Appleton,Daresbury,Moore,Thelwall,Latchford,Sandymoor,Barnton,Antrobus,Comberbach,Whitley,Frodsham,Wearverham,hatton,


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