Block Paving Repairs

Poor quality block paving and block paved driveways will damage quickly and will be the first thing that you will notice when you get home.There are various reasons that can cause block paving to fail and the most common is sinking.This can be attributed to an inadequate base being prepared and layed,along with the day to day use of a car driving over the same paving,causing the tracks to appear in the paving.

Another is sand eroding from the joints and this can lead to the loss of the interlock within the paving system,resulting in a slight movement which will gradually cause sinking.The erosion of the sand filled joints can be man-made, brought about by an incorrect gradient and drainage or by pressure washing.It can also be natural,attributed to inclement weather.To repair block paving the process is to remove each block of the affected area in order to remove the old base and to re-instate the block work on a new base of mot limestone and a sharp sand and cement mixed screed sub base.  


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