Garden Retaining Walls 

As Stockton Heath bricklayers in Warrington, Cheshire, we undertake garden retaining wall new builds and repairs. We offer free quotes and no jobs are too small.  

Rear Garden Walls.


A retaining garden wall can enhance any garden by not only looking good but it can also support such a practical thing as retaining soil. A retaining wall is an ideal way to bring functionality and order to areas of your garden, as you can actually build a split-level back garden where the landscape overlooks the patio. A retaining wall is used to create levels, as this type of structure is resistant to the weight of soil and can be a great way not only to help with erosion and water drainage but also to create a beautiful, usable garden space.  

Boundary Garden Walls.


By building a set of steps leading from the bottom level of the back garden to the upper level, you can easily create a feature of the lower level patio with access to the upper level. By inserting steps into the garden retaining wall, you not only create layers and a functional garden wall but also an aesthetically pleasing wall as well. Whether it's a smart edge for garden borders or to enclose a patio, a retaining garden wall creates a nice border and increases lawn or garden space.