Lintel Installation. 

As Warrington builders, we undertake essential repairs, property maintenance and home improvements in the form of remedial lintel installation. We undertake both concrete and steel lintel installation's for replacing wooden lintels.  

Lintel Reinforcement.


Where a lintel is not present or is inadequate such as timber, then there's the possibility that the wall ‘sags’ over the opening over a period of time and visible cracks will start to appear. If the wall is built on top of the window frame, then the load can sometimes cause the frame to bend and occasionally result in glass panes cracking and in extreme cases, there is the possibility that the brickwork can become loose and even fall out. 

Structural Alterations.


If you plan to cut a hole in a brick wall you will have to install a lintel, a flat steel beam, to ensure that the brick wall does not fall down. A lintel is a type of support beam that is installed into a load-bearing wall to allow for the creation of a new opening. A Lintel is a structural support that sits above windows or doors. Lintels are required under current Building Regulations and must be installed where missing and any weight sits directly upon a door or window.