Paving Slabs. 

As paving specialists in Warrington, Cheshire, we undertake paving repairs, maintenance and remedial works to paving slabs, paving flags, Indian Sandstone, Black Limestone, patios, and paths. 

Indian Sandstone Paving.


The most prominent part of any house is its pathway, driveway, and patio which gives the first impression to any visitor. Paving slabs, flagstones, paving slabs, Indian Sandstone, Black Limestone and paving stones can complement any garden paving, patios, drives and pathways, as they can add colour and texture to the grounds of your property.


Paving Flags.


A section of paving or even a single paving slab might sink because of small ground movements or heavy use and this can make rainwater collect in puddles. Preventative maintenance, early repair and updating can help to save time and be more cost-effective as well as minimising inconvenience.

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