As Warrington builders, we undertake bricklaying for structural alterations to bricking up doorways and windows; creating window and doorway openings, which is often done for a number of different home improvement projects. For example, a room can be made much larger by moving a door from the middle of a wall to the end, freeing up both sides of the wall around the door, creating much more space. Rooms can be reconfigured further by removing a load-bearing wall and replacing it with an RSJ steel beam which is significantly different from removing interior non-load bearing walls.


 Yorkstone garden wall can enhance any garden by not only looking good but it can also support such practical things as forming an edge or division for a garden or lawn. A Yorkstone garden wall is a great way to make your outdoor areas feel completely at one with the rest of your home. A garden wall built out of Yorkstone not only improves security and privacy but also gives a peaceful feel to your garden. Yorkstone creates beautiful garden walls and retaining walls with steps, giving character to any garden wall structure. Yorkstone can be used to create stunning garden walling and walling for patios and driveways.



As builders in Warrington, Cheshire,  we undertake blockwork for garages, giving you space to park your car safely and securely; workshops and outbuildings to give potential working and office space; porches for extra space for umbrella's, coats and foot wear, giving you more room within your house and garden retaining walls to give you more space, scope and levels.

Lintel Installation.

Architectural Lintels and structural load supporting beams, suitable when bridging brickwork gaps above windows and doors. Lintels are commonly made from steel, concrete, and stone. Concrete are normally used for internal walls and a variety of steel options for the internal and external leaf of external walls.  As home improvement builders in Warrington, we can provide a no-obligation structural repairs remedial concrete and steel lintel installation quotation following from a structural engineers or buildings surveyor report or specification.